Carol of the Bells

Check it out: it’s Nuddy Bar’s first video!

This video was so much fun to film XD It was my first time using greenscreen, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. If you’re interested in what equipment I used, you can check out the specs in the FAQs.

It was also my first time recording myself singing, and I found out just how derpy my voice is D: I had to rerecord the vocals a loooot of times to get them to sound right. Cracked notes, noisy breathing (lol), bumping the mic … ermahgerd … but it all turned out okay in the end :’D The only post-production changes I made in Final Cut Pro were speeding everything up by 160%, adding the Cathedral sound effect, and adjusting the volume.

You can get the sheet music I used for free on It’s a soprano, alto, tenor, and bass choral arrangement in F# minor. I doubled up all the parts, so there are actually 8 voices in the video — oooh, fancy!

Does the building in the video look familiar? It’s the Sharp Centre for Design at OCAD University, which is the largest and oldest art and design school in Canada. If you want to check it out, it’s just behind the Art Gallery of Ontario, around Dundas St. W. and McCaul St. in Toronto.

So what do you think of this first video? Comment! And if you liked it, feel free to share this video with your friends (hint hint) to spread around some silly holiday cheer.

In the future, new videos will be out on Thursdays with occasional bonus videos on Tuesdays. I’m excited to show you all the crazy ideas I have, so stay tuned!

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