Eat Your Kimchi: Meet & Greet!

Ermagherrrdd, Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi had a fan meet-up in Toronto! In addition to being incredibly nice, articulate, and down-to-earth despite their 470,000+ YouTube subscribers and huge fan community across the world, they’re very knowledgeable about Korean culture and the Kpop industry from a Canadian expat perspective.

Hundreds of fans came out in freezing cold weather to the free Meet & Greet, which was on Tuesday, January 7 from 6 – 9 pm in OISE Auditorium at the University of Toronto (Simon & Martina’s alma mater). They answered audience questions during the first half, then met and took pictures with fans during the second half. The event actually ran longer than planned because Simon and Martina were so generous with their time and wanted to make sure they were able to meet, hug, and chat with all of their fans.

They had a lot of insightful things to say about their experiences in Korea, including what it’s like to meet Kpop idols, homosexuality in Korea, Korean fashion, their views on the big 3 entertainment agencies, interacting with fans around the world, and Koreans reactions to Spudgy. They also talked about their experiences as full-time YouTubers and had a number of good tips for those who are just starting out. In a nutshell: Don’t wait to make videos, make them regularly, and make them because you’re passionate about doing it, not because you want to become famous and make a ton of money!

I really enjoyed attending the Meet & Greet and want to sincerely thank the University of Toronto Korea Club and Simon and Martina for letting me come and film the event! Eat Your Kimchi has had a big influence on both my music library as well as my YouTube channel, Nuddy Bar. When I first started listening to Kpop back in the summer of 2012, I came across their Music Monday for SHINee – Lucifer and from there, I watched all of their Music Mondays in a couple of days. 90% of my early Kpop playlist was made up of Music Monday songs. And when I started thinking about making YouTube videos more seriously, Eat Your Kimchi was one of the YouTubers I googled to see what equipment they were using. After doing some research, I ended up buying a similar DSLR camera and digital voice recorder to the ones they use!

At the event, a lot of people said they liked my red bunny beanie — thank you so much! It’s from Ardene, on sale now! From what I can remember, they had red, royal blue, grey, black with studs, neon green … of course, you can always order one of the official Eat Your Kimchi bunny beanies from their online store! (Does anyone know — is it pronounced Ardeen like meet or Arden like hen? I used to pronounce it with a long e, but I heard some fashion/beauty vlogger pronounce it with a short e so I started saying it that way :’P Anyone know for sure?)

Simon and Martina had so many funny and interesting things to say, so I made a separate extras and bloopers video for all you Nasties!*

* “Nasties” are people who are fans of Eat Your Kimchi. The name is explained here.


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