DIY Candy Boxes

Valentine’s Day is almost here!

I always think it’s more fun to make your own gifts instead of just buying them at the store, so I present to you: DIY Candy Boxes for Valentine’s Day!

You can download the patterns for the interlocking heart box and Chinese takeout box here and here. They look complicated, but they’re actually really easy to make. And there are lots of free patterns for gift boxes online — a quick google search is all it takes to find some nice ones.

If you want to use patterned cardboard instead of just plain white cardboard, you can buy some at pretty much any art store. I got mine at DeSerres at 130 Spadina Ave. (in Toronto) for less than $1/sheet. I also got a glue stick and some double-sided tape while I was there.

The candy is from Dollarama, hehe! They have jelly beans, conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts, chocolate, lollipops, hard candies, etc. Or, you can head on over to Bulk Barn if you want a more customized selection. The little plastic bags are actually from a cake-decorating store called McCall’s, but you can probably find something similar at the grocery store.

And there you have it! Easy, peasy.

So who are you going to make candy boxes for this Valentine’s Day? ;D


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