Daydreamer Wins Prize at the TSFF!

Daydreamer at TSFF
About a month ago, I submitted a short film to the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival, and was extremely happy to be accepted into the film festival, which happened just last night.

And … my little film “Daydreamer” won second prize — an all-inclusive trip to Cuba!! I was so surprised when they called my name, that my head jerked back a bit and I had a deer-in-the-headlights expression on my face :’D

Thank you so much to the organizers of the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival, and congratulations to my fellow filmmakers whose films were screened at the event! And super high fives to the winners of the other 5 awards, especially the director, cast, and crew of “Lovely,” who won top prize!

Huge thank yous to my camera crew, Kriss Portillo and Audrey Yang (and their iPhones), and co-star Daniel Shim, who filmed Daydreamer with me over several days, for long hours each day. ❤ I owe you guys a big fancy dinner.

You can read more about the film festival here, and see pictures of the event here and here.

Oooh, so Cuba, eh? What to pack … :’P

* Update (5/24/2014) I was interviewed by the lovely Katie Uhlmann of Katie Chats at the event — check out the interview below!


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