So You Think You Can Kpop

On Saturday, I got to hang out at the Ontario Science Centre with crew of Pop! Goes The World! and run the 2nd Annual So You Think You Can Kpop for Atomic Lollipop. The show was even more awesome this year, with an expanded competition covering 3 categories: dancing, singing, and DJing.

Here’s the highlight reel!

You can check out my pictures from the event here.

Thank you the lovely judges — Jason “DJ Shine” Spanu, Angel GZ, Terry He, Shori Assey, and Yong K. Baek — the amazing crew at Pop! Goes The World! — Gerald Belanger, Hyun Young Gwak, and Inika Chung — and of course, all the talented and hard-working performers — Matthew Seo, HAVOC, SooMin Lee, 2RISQUE, Underground Pulse, DNVEnts, Cedrick, BANDIT, DnA, DJ Tenshin, and DJ Patch Notes! You guys are the best and I hope to see all of you again soon! ❤


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