Von Wong in Toronto

Last Sunday, I went to a meetup for Montreal-based photographer, Benjamin Von Wong, who was in town for a few days. There was body paint … and fire! Check it out:

I discovered Von Wong Photography a few months ago, after a friend posted a YouTube video about one of Ben’s elaborate and surreal photography projects. Right after I watched the video, I posted this on the Nuddy Bar facebook page:


… and then I met him, just a few months later!

Ben is probably one of the most generous and grounded people I have ever met, despite being something of a celebrity in the photography world. After jetting off to San Francisco, he made the time to record me a voiceover and messaged me some tips on photography technique and equipment through facebook. He is one seriously nice guy.

Big thanks to Sam and Silvia of Sili Studio, who hosted the meetup at their photography studio; Andrew and Andrea of The North American Circus Competition, who organized the body painters and models, spun fire on the beach for us to photograph, and supplied me with extra footage of the event; Jocelyn, Nicole, Tara, and Gillian, the talented body painters and models who turned out some terrific work for the event; and Oliver and Wil, who quickly edited and sent me their photographs to use in the video.

If you’re interested in learning more about Benjamin Von Wong, you can visit his website, like his facebook page, and watch his YouTube videos. You can also join his Toronto facebook group, Von Wong in Toronto, if you’d like to attend the next meetup. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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