Explore: Dundas and Hamilton

Road trip, woohoo! Last month, I went on a weekend adventure with my husband Zach and our good friend Nadia. We all needed a break and wanted to escape the city for a little while, so we booked a night at a gorgeous historical B&B and planned out a long hike around Hamilton and the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

I actually lived in Hamilton in 2008, and Zach used to take me around the hiking trails a lot when we were still dating. I’m so glad we got to share all those lovely places with Nadia, who is one of the sweetest and most generous people I have ever met. (She’s also an amazing cook, and supplied that delicious lunch you saw in the video!)

Dundas and Hamilton are just a short drive from downtown Toronto — only an hour or so — so if you live in the GTA, you really don’t need to travel far if you want to go visit. We’re very lucky to have so many lovely parks and unique sites in Ontario that can be visited during a quick day trip.

There will be a lot more videos like this one because I want to showcase as many beautiful sites around Toronto and Ontario that I can. Any suggestions for where we should go next? :’D


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