Meet: Mandy Lam, Parkour Athlete

Meet Mandy Lam, parkour athlete and instructor at The Monkey Vault!  This video is the first in a new series where we’ll meet people who do cool, creative, crazy, and/or generally awesome stuff as part of their everyday lives!

I actually met Mandy in person for the first time when we filmed this interview. Our mutual friend, Ben Wong (who you may remember from Von Wong In Toronto: Body Paint & Fire) introduced us over the interwebs after I saw a picture of Mandy rooftopping on the Von Wong Facebook page. I messaged Ben and said, “She looks like fun. I must hang out with her” and a few weeks later, we were doing this interview together!

Mandy is awesome. She’s fun, articulate, and down-to-earth, and is one of those genuinely good people who you can imagine changing the world — but doing it in an incredibly humble and low-key way. There was a bunch of footage that I didn’t include in this video, where she talks about her parkour experiences in other countries and the people she’s worked with. I couldn’t really do these stories justice in a 3-minute video, so maybe you’ll see that footage in a longer film of some sort *hint hint!

I’m really excited to do more projects with Mandy over the coming year. We’ve got a bunch of things planned, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check out her Instagram account, where she has some really amazing rooftopping shots and clips of her training and doing parkour around the city.


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