Montreal Kfest

This past weekend, I was in Quebec for Montreal Kfest, an amazing event that brought together performers, volunteers, and staff from 3 different cities, as well as hundreds of fans for one of the best Canadian Kpop events of the year. There were dance workshops, trivia games, a small but well-stocked Kpop marketplace, Korean language class, dance party, and the highlight of the night — a Kpop show with 25 incredible performances by 120+ dancers, singers, and musicians.

Check out the highlight reel below!

(All 25 performances are up on Pop! Goes The World’s YouTube channel, which you can watch in the playlist below:)

I’m always amazed at how quickly Kpop dancers become really close friends. After the event, Angel (from R.P.M and Pop! Goes The World!) and I went out with event volunteers and members from Ottawa Hallyu Dance Team, Salja Dance, and East2West. It was such a fun and relaxed atmosphere, like everyone had known each other for years. No one wanted to go home at the end of the night, so we stood around in the cold after the bar closed, chatting and taking lots of pictures. And then we met up again the following day for lunch, before heading back to Toronto.

I’m really hoping to do more shows with all these wonderful people again. Based on the intense Facebook activity between everyone in the days following the show, I’m pretty sure we’ll all see each other again soon! ^^

Big thanks to Nana and Milin for organizing the event on the Montreal sides of things; Gerald, Aimee, Angel, and Keely from Pop! Goes The World! in Toronto for having me along as a dance teacher and photographer/videographer; and all the staff, volunteers, and performers who made the night such an incredible and unforgettable experience. ❤

**Update (11/16/2014): You can watch my dance class for Infinite – Back below, which is up on my Kpop dance cover group’s YouTube channel :’D



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