Shudderbug: Dark Winter Queen

Last Sunday, it was 0°C outside and the ground was covered in snow. I got my hair and makeup done, put on a thin dress, stood by the lake holding a big stick, and had my picture taken for two hours. WHAT, WHY? For fun of course! Check out the behind-the-scenes video!

We had to work quickly because I could only take off the blanket for 2-3 minutes at a time and it was getting colder as the sun went down. Thankfully, everything worked out well and we got some really beautiful shots. Huzzah, go team!

The outfit was something I quickly threw together. The black bodice came from Kind Exchange, and I safety-pinned a thick metal necklace to the straps. The skirt fabric was from Fabricland; the top layer was a striped sheer intended for light curtains, and the bottom layer was a shiny white satin meant for curtain lining. The belt was a strip of metal curtain rings, and the crystal in the stick was something Blake grabbed from his garden I think :’P The metal chain in my hair was also from Fabricland, and the spiked hairband was something I got a couple of years ago from Forever 21 or H&M.

Thank you so much to Chae for doing such a wonderful job on my hair and makeup, and to Blake, who took all those amazing shots (and was freezing right along with me at Scarborough Bluffs). I’m sure we’ll work together again soon!


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