Meet: Addison Cham

Meet Addison Cham, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who started up Archery District with 3 high school friends after leaving his career as an accountant:

I’m always interested in meeting young entrepreneurs, so when I saw a write-up about Archery District in the the Toronto Star and blogTO, I really wanted to meet the co-founders. When I contacted them in January a couple weeks after they opened, they were so busy with bookings and events that it took us some time to set up the interview.

We managed to schedule an interview for March, so I headed out to Archery District in Scarborough and met up with co-founder Addison Cham. He was very gracious and let me run around the inside of the arena to get b-roll, and stood out in the cold with me while we filmed the interview (because the arena was too noisy).

I stayed for 3 hours while filming and everyone seemed to be having a ton of fun, so grab some friends and check it out! To learn more or to book a session, you can visit their website or facebook page.


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