Making Dumplings with Hubby

I love food … I love food sooo muuuchhhh! Food is probably the #1 I think about and spend money on. Many of the things I cook aren’t really suitable for an episode of Harriet’s Kitchen but I still want to share them with you. So my newest series on Nuddy Bar is called “Nuddy Eats” where I vlog about the random food I cook at home and the restaurants I try around the city.

This first episode is about deep-fried dumplings! My husband and I joined forces in the kitchen to make 3 different flavours of dumplings, and it went much faster because we were working together — which meant that we got to the eating part faster. Win win!

So here we go: the first episode of Nuddy Eats:

My hope is that when you watch Nuddy Eats and see me derping around in the kitchen and experimenting with recipes, you’ll think to yourself, “That looks like fun! I’m going to try that!” Not everything I cook turns out perfectly but I always learn something along the way.

If you’re ever inspired to make something after you watch Nuddy Eats, take a picture, post it on Instagram, and mention @nuddybar — I’d love to see what you come up with!


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