Hyona Park – Arirang Music Video

If you love Korean dramas, I hope you’ll love this music video!

This music video was such a pleasure to make, from coming up with the initial concept, to working with the lovely and talented Hyona Park, to filming with my friend Heejoo Yoon and her friend Juyoung Jung, to recording the vocal and piano tracks with Dave Seol. It was a big collaborative effort with so many wonderful people, and was just a really easy and fun project from start to finish. Okay, stop gushing Jen … XP

I was introduced to Hyona by Heejoo (co-host of Canadian Doenjang) while I was looking for a singer to collaborate with for the Talk! Talk! KOREA 2015 Global Contents Contest. It turns out that Hyona and I had seen each other before at the Urbane Conviction e-fashion launch party last year, when Hyona was modelling on the runway and I was covering the event as a videographer (you can see Hyona a few times in the event video!). Fast forward a few months, and there we were working on a music video together thinking, “That girl looks familiar … where have I seen her before?”

We shot this music video over 2 days for about 4 hours each day. The indoor scenes were filmed at my friend Heejoo’s apartment, and the outdoor scenes were filmed at various locations on Toronto Island. We recorded the audio tracks at Hyona’s apartment just 2 days ago on Wednesday night using Dave’s audio recording equipment and Hyona’s electric keyboard. Amazingly, Dave was able to pull together that beautiful track from Hyona’s takes in just 1 day!

I’m really looking forward to working with everyone again, especially Hyona and Dave. We had such a good time working together, so we plan to make more music videos featuring some of Hyona’s original songs (she’s so talented!!). Be sure to check her out on YouTube and SoundCloud in the near future! I’ll link to them here as soon as they’re up and running ^_^

**October 1, 2016 Update: Hyona’s YouTube channel is now up! Check out her debut single “How Beautiful”, which she composed herself. This girl is seriously gorgeous and talented!


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