Alice in Wonderland Costume

In July, I was filming the first scene of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for a book video contest and needed a costume ASAP. So after googling around to find pictures of the classic blue and white Disney outfit, I pulled out my trusty sewing machine and made the dress and apron myself! Here’s what I did:

You can’t really tell in the outdoor scenes at the end, but it was really hot the day we filmed. Angela and I were both sweating buckets during filming (which took about an hour) and had to keep fanning and wiping ourselves off in between takes – but it looks like just a lovely day by the riverbank in the final cut. Movie magic lol!

Fun fact: Angela was one of my Kpop dance students back in the day when I was still dancing and teaching at the University of Toronto with R.P.M dance crew. Aah, how I miss those days! If you’re a Kpop fan or just like dancing, be sure to check out their YouTube channel for fun step-by-step dance tutorials and vlogs.


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