Quick & Easy Sesame Seed Snaps

I loved eating sesame seed snaps when I was a kid! They’d be a special treat that we’d get from my Grandma or, very infrequently, from the candy aisle in the Chinese grocery store.

I remember picking up a pack a few years ago and being all excited to relive my childhood. But when I bit into one of the snaps … it was stale! Gross! Skip forward 5 years, and it finally occurred to me that I could make them myself and never have to bite into a sad sesame snap again.

Here’s how:

1 tbsp. lemon juice
3/4 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup white sesame seeds
1/2 tsp. baking soda

Large, Heavy-Bottom Pot
Measuring Cup
Measuring Spoons
8″x8″ Pan (or larger)
Wooden Spoon
Rubber Spatula
Cutting Board
Large Knife


  1. Butter your pan, spatula, and knife.
  2. Add the lemon juice to your pot, swirling to coat the bottom, then pour the sugar on top, shaking to spread out the sugar. Measure out your baking soda and leave the spoon beside your stove.

  3. Cook the pot over medium heat until the sugar is more than half dissolved. You should see bubbling and possibly some caramelization around the edges.

  4. Pour in the sesame seeds. Slowly and gently mix to evenly cook and combine everything. Make sure it doesn’t burn!

  5. When the seeds are toasted and the sugar is all melted and starting to caramelize, stir in the baking soda. Turn the heat to the lowest setting and continue cooking until the mixture is an even caramel colour.

  6. Turn off the heat and immediately scrape out as much of the mixture as possible into your pan. Quickly spread it out to the edges of the pan (it’ll be 4-5 mm thick). If you’re using a pan larger than 8″x8″, aim for a 2-3 mm thickness.
  7. When the mixture is still hot but cooled down enough to touch, pop it out of the pan onto your cutting board. Cut into rectangles, squares, or diamonds.


  • Adding baking soda is optional. I like to add it because I find it makes the sesame seed snaps lighter and richer-tasting. Check out my Instagram picture here to see a baking soda and baking soda-less recipe side by side.
  • If you want to read more the science behind making these snaps, you can read about sugar and crystallization here and what happens when you add baking soda here.

2 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Sesame Seed Snaps

  1. Hey!

    How long can i store the sesame bars?


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