How to Shampoo Using An Egg

After reading the blog title, you might be asking yourself, “Why?!? Why would anyone do this?” Well, here’s the story behind this crazy idea:

As a new mom, I had the time and energy to shower maybe once a week during the first couple of months. Gross, I know 😛 Anyhoo, my hair and scalp ended up going through some kind of natural detox and would freak out after my once-a-week washing with store-bought shampoo. My hair would be clean but I would have really flaky, greasy dandruff each time, like my scalp was trying to shed the top layer.

So I started looking for shampoo alternatives that would (1) work well even if I only used it once a week, (2) be easy to use, and (3) not be super expensive or hard to get. I’d tried the “no poo” baking soda and vinegar method a few years ago but my hair didn’t like it (and it’s probably too harsh on hair because of the pH’s). Same with shampoo bars and liquid castile soap. My hair didn’t like them, even after the 4-6-week detox and adjustment period.

After some DuckDuckGo-ing, I found that various natural beauty bloggers had tried using an egg, specifically an egg yolk, to wash their hair. I thought, that makes so much sense! Egg yolk is an emulsifier that gets used in cooking to mix oil and water in things like mayonnaise and salad dressing. In the shower, I’d essentially be making hair oil mayo and then rinsing it out. Genius! … in theory. Would it actually work in real life? Well, take a look:

So the answer is: Yes! It really does work. But wait, there’s more …

The problem with store-bought shampoos is that they clean too well, especially if you rinse and repeat. They strip your scalp of natural oil and mess up the natural sebum balance, causing your scalp to overproduce oil to compensate … which you then need to wash out with shampoo … which makes your scalp produce more oil … and so on. You really don’t need to shampoo your hair daily. (It wasn’t until the last 50 years or so that people started to shampoo more frequently than once or twice a month!) That’s not to say you shouldn’t shower or wash yourself every day — you just don’t need shampoo your hair each time ^_^ The less you shampoo, the less oil your scalp will make until it reaches its natural balance. It’s that simple.

But no one wants to look like a greaseball for a few weeks while their scalp settles down to producing less oil. That’s why egg yolk is so great! It cleans your hair without doing a super duper job of cleaning out the oil, leaving just enough to make your scalp reasonably happy. You can slowly increase the amount of time between washings, e.g., a day at a time, and your scalp will slowly produce less oil and not freak out when you wash again with egg yolk. And there’s no adjustment or detox period necessary, or if there is, it’ll probably only last a week or two. You really can start washing with egg yolk today!

Wow, this all sounds great! But are there any cons? Yes, I have noticed a few:

  • Although my hair is clean, soft, and shiny, it is less shiny and slippery compared to when I used store-bought shampoo and conditioner — probably because it’s not coated with silicone and other chemicals. There are a few things you can to do condition your hair and boost shine after washing with egg yolk: acid rinses, tea or herbal rinses, coconut milk, various oils, or a gelatin mask.
  • I sometimes find a bit of cooked egg in my hair but that usually doesn’t happen if I pick out the egg whites/bits before washing and make sure the water is slightly cool or lukewarm when rinsing.
  • I’m flushing an egg yolk down the drain every time I shampoo. That makes me sad. But I’d rather put 3-4 egg yolks a month into the water system instead of chemicals from store-bought shampoos. Not putting chemicals on my hair and body, not having to shut my eyes while shampooing, and not buying plastic bottles are also great.
  • It requires a bit more time and effort to wash with egg than with regular shampoo and there are no fun bubbles or fragrances unless you add essential oils.

Will I ever go back to using store-bought shampoo? Probably not. I don’t think my hair can handle regular shampoo any more. Also, I only have to egg wash my hair every 5-6 days now, which is awesome. I’m hoping to eventually push that to every 2 weeks. My husband washes his hair with egg yolk as well and he can currently go 10-12 days between washings (he has normal-dry skin whereas I have combination skin).

So what do you think? Are you pumped to start shampooing your hair with egg? Or is it just too weird?

Give it a try, at least once. You might be surprised by how much you like it ;D


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