Zach’s DIY: Baby Change Table

Introducing a new series on Nuddy Bar: Zach’s DIY!

Zach is my husband and he likes making stuff and blowing up stuff and getting involved in random hijinks — he’s a mechanical engineer from the University of Toronto, which explains many of these things :P. In this first episode, Zach makes a baby change table using a slightly modified design by the Rogue Engineer:

There’s a bit more to the story than what’s in the video. As mentioned, we filmed some footage of the change table the night before Poopy was born. At 4AM, my water broke and I woke up Zach (“It’s happening!”) but I wasn’t having regular contractions yet. Our midwife advised us over the phone to try to go back to sleep and wait for 5-1-1, which means 1-minute contractions, 5 minutes apart, for 1 hour.

What we didn’t know was that I was having precipitous labour, which is fairly rare and wasn’t mentioned in prenatal class or any of the things we had read online. Basically, after early labour, you go into a very fast active labour and have your baby in under 3 hours.

Around 8AM, I started having really strong contractions 2 minutes apart (I had skipped right past early labour). I flailed around in the bathroom yelling for an hour while Zach held onto me because we didn’t know what was happening and were still waiting for 5-1-1. Zach finally called our midwife and she was pretty alarmed when she heard what was going on: “Call 911! You have to get to the hospital now!”

The ambulance pulled up at 9:10AM and the paramedics hustled Zach and me out of the house because the baby was ready to come out at any minute. I was barefoot in only a dress, with no overnight bag, no purse, and all Zach had was his morning smoothie. We ran a couple of red lights with sirens wailing, but things inside the ambulance were hilariously chill and normal in between me yelling:

Paramedic 1: /coasts through red light/ You didn’t see that.
Zach: You’re supposed to pause at red lights? /drinks his smoothie/

Jen: You must be used to this happening.
Paramedic 2: Actually, I’ve only done one birth before, so try to resist the urge to push.
Jen: Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. /pats paramedic on the knee like an old grandma/

We got to the hospital around 9:20AM, they wheeled me into a delivery room, I pushed for half an hour, and Poopy was born at 9:56AM. And that was that!

I’m hoping to document many more of Zach’s projects this year. The next episode will be about a 25-hen chicken coop that he made with his UofT friend Lamar, so look forward to seeing some fuzzy little chicks and more cuteness ;P



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