Building Happy Chicken Homes

Huzzah, another episode of Zach’s DIY! Check out Zach, his engineering friend Lamar, and Lamar’s dad build two cozy homes for their adorable farm chicks and chickens:

As you saw in the video, we filmed the beginning of this project almost 2.5 years ago. We took so much footage — almost 70GB worth, aiyaa! It was pretty neat to watch those little chicks grow up into full-size, poofy chickens over the months we filmed. And Lamar’s parents were so lovely and hospitable whenever Zach and I would come visit, so I want to say a big thank you to Lamar’s Mom and Dad! And of course Lamar, who let us come along on his family’s chicken-raising adventure.

Lamar’s family now has another coop and over 100 chickens in total. They’re easily able to sell the extra eggs with just a little sign as advertising. If you ever get the chance to try or buy fresh eggs right off the farm, I highly recommend it because they’re usually cheaper and fresher than the free-range ones you can get in the store.

In the future, Zach and I hope to raise our own chickens because everyone in our family loves farm eggs, Poopy included! Yaaay chickeennnnnss!


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