2000 Subscribers!

Yaaay, Nuddy Bar has reached 2000 subscribers on YouTube! Thank you so much to all of you, my wonderful subscribers, for liking, sharing, and commenting on my silly videos. From my very first video to the most recent one, I have loved making and sharing all of them, and have so many fun new ones planned for this year!

As a small token of my big appreciation, I am giving away two Harriet hats (i.e., the red bunny hats I wear in Harriet’s Kitchen) — one on Facebook and the other on YouTube.

To enter, you can either:

1. Visit facebook.com/nuddybar and share the “Sketchbook: Making a Drumstick Plushie Rattle” video post.


2. Comment on the “2000 Subscribers! + GIVEAWAY + Donation” YouTube video, telling me what your favourite Nuddy Bar video is and why.

The contest ends on Sunday, January 15, 12PM EST, and I will randomly choose the winners by some to-be-determined amusing way, and announce who won in the next video, which should be up in a week or so.

Also, because I was able to make a bit of money from YouTube revenues, I have donated to two non-profit organizations (I’m hoping to continue this every year, and donate 20% of my Nuddy Bar revenues to two charities or non-profits — feel free to suggest some!). I will post on Facebook and Instagram who I donated to tomorrow, but right now, I gotta go to bed because zzzzzz ….


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