No New Clothes for 1 Year

Ooooh, my first challenge! No new clothes for 1 year — it sounds like something that would require a lot of self-discipline and effort. But it’s actually something I’ve been moving toward over the past few years, even if I hadn’t specifically thought, “Buying no more clothes … yeah, that sounds like a bombdiggedy good idea! Let’s do it!”

I’ve been slowly editing down my closet, buying fewer and fewer things each year, and getting to a point where I really don’t need to buy new clothes, not even socks and undies. I have a job and a life that don’t require me to dress or look a certain way. I prefer clothing that is comfortable, durable, and classic, over dressy, trendy, or statement pieces. And with an active toddler choo-choo-ing around, I have less and less time for non-essential activities — shopping for clothes definitely falls into this category for me.

There are a lot of people who have already done this challenge. A quick DuckDuckGo will find you all sorts of blog posts and articles on it. And really, it’s not that big a deal. Many people do it and don’t think twice about it. My parents and husband have probably already done this several times, even if they didn’t document it or post the evidence on YouTube  ;P

In the next video in this series, I’ll go into more detail on why I’m doing this challenge. If you want to follow my progress or join in this challenge with me, the hashtag I’m using is #NNC41Y.

P.S. My closet looks so nice because I KonMari-ed the heck out of it. It makes a big difference and is really satisfying when you’re done!


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