Why I’m Doing #NNC41Y

I’ve completed my first month of the No New Clothes For 1 Year challenge! Check out the video below to learn why I’m doing this challenge and to see what I wore this month:

I’m just one month into this challenge and I’m already feeling the time and noggin-space savings of not buying any new clothes. A few examples:

  • Clothing sections at grocery stores (Costco, Loblaws, etc.) — I just walk on by
  • Flyers advertising sales — no thanks!
  • Crazy, deep-discounted, end-of-season sales? Tempting, but nah
  • Online browsing/shopping — meh (I browse online a lot less, and only to get sewing pattern or design ideas)

What have I been doing with all the saved time and noggin space? Planning new videos, learning about the pattern-making and dyeing, composing song lyrics, developing new recipes, spending more time with my family, and getting outside and breathing in the fresh air! Which makes me wonder — what was so attractive about shopping in my pre-NNC41Y days? There are so many better things to do, things that are useful, things that help others, things that make me genuinely happy in a long-lasting way.

Here are some further things to read/watch if you’re interested in learning more about the topics I mentioned in the video:

Next up on Nuddy Bar — more Harriet’s Kitchens and Sketchbooks! And some design/sewing tutorials and music videos. I’m not sure what order I’ll be publishing these, but I have several videos currently in the works. I often post progress photos on Instagram, so be sure to follow along there too!


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