First Second-Hand Purchase This Year

Yikes, we’re already into April! Here’s February’s edition of No New Clothes For 1 Year!

It’s getting easier not buying new clothes as the year goes on. Poopy and I usually go for a walk at least once a day and instead of going to strip plazas or malls where we used to go, we’ve started to explore all the different neighbourhoods, parks, and trails that are within an hour’s walking distance of our house. And now that spring is here, we’re also soaking up all the lovely sun (in moderation) and getting a ton of fresh air, wuhoo! Do you find that you get happily zoned out and sleepy after being outside for a long time, especially away from cars and busy places? There must be scientific studies on why this happens … the big whoomph of pure oxygen to the brain? Nature + exercise = yes, please?

You’ll probably be seeing much more of the white tunic top in upcoming NNC41Y episodes since it’s such a versatile piece. At the second-hand store, I also got a couple of tops for Poopy — a green and navy blue striped polo top (Polo Rolf Lauren, $5) and a colourful plaid shirt (Timmy Hilfiger, $2) — that are both perfect for spring. I’m trying to limit my purchases for him as well. He has about 5 outfits — pants + tops/onesies –which I think is a good number for a toddler, since he’s going to outgrow them so quickly.

What’s coming up video-wise? Well, you might have seen what I’m planning for the next Harriet’s Kitchen on Instagram but I also have a couple of Sketchbooks in the works. I did some filming today that involved spring cleaning / rejigging the living room, so I’m hoping I can get that video out sometime this month as well!


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