Dawn – Director’s Cut 2017

Back in 2014, I entered a short film called “Dawn” into the Golden Bell Festival — a terrific and well-attended event at Korean Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. The purpose of the festival was to encourage knowledge around North-South Korean peace and reunification issues among young Koreans in Canada. I was incredibly honoured and chuffed to win first place in their film festival, and met some amazing people and got to be on local Korean TV and all that fun stuff.

After the festival, I uploaded the film and the behind-the-scenes footage to another YouTube channel and kind of forgot about it until I was cleaning up some of my old video files last week. I came across Dawn and thought, “Maybe my post-2014 subscribers would like to watch this quirky little film I made back in the day…” Coincidentally, South Korea recently elected a new president who has vowed to resolve tensions with North Korea and potentially engage in peace talks, so it seemed like pretty good timing for me to upload this film to Nuddy Bar.

Without further ado, here it is, slightly remastered from the 2014 version!

… and the behind-the-scenes footage:

If you’re wondering where I’ve been the past few weeks — what with the non-uploading-of-videos and lack of Instagramming and such — I took a break from Nuddy Bar for a bit to do some work-related stuff but now I’m back and excited to start regularly uploading videos again! I currently have about 5 videos in the works, all in various stages of completion, and I’m hoping to get one finished this upcoming week. So as always, stay tuned!


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